We service all makes, models and types of bikes. So whether it is a puncture on your pram wheel, a new set of brake pads for your hybrid, or a brake bleed on your downhill bike we can cater for everyone.

We have a fully kitted out professional workshop that means we can cater for anything required. The following is a guide for our labour charges (parts are not included):

Full Service £65
This involves a complete strip down of the bike back to the frame, all parts are cleaned or replaced where necessary. Headset, bottom bracket, hub bearings are re-greased or replaced if necessary. Cables and chain are lubricated or replaced, brakes are set up correctly and/or hydraulic brakes are bled. The front and rear derailleur are set up correctly. Wheels are trued. All bolts are checked that they are tightened correctly. Tyres are pumped up.

General Service £35
All bolts are checked that they are tightened correctly. The front and rear derailleur’s are set up and working correctly. The brakes are set up correctly, rims are cleaned. Cables and chain are lubricated.

Spoke and true wheel £15

Brake bleed £15

Puncture repair (new inner tube included) £10

Refit broken chain £5

Facing of bottom bracket shell £25

Build of new bike £100

Replace bottom bracket £15

• All Full or General Services need to be booked in for a particular day.
• They will be completed by 5.30pm on the day that they are booked in for.

All other repairs are worked on as soon as possible when they are brought into the shop, with the turn around being anything from a few hours to a few days depending on the severity of the problem, the parts required and the number of jobs we have queing up! We call you once they are complete.